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Get your kids clicked and create beautiful memories

Getting your kids to stay still in front of the camera can leave you drained out, but that doesn’t stop you from clicking beautiful memories of your lil ones growing years, does it? Childhood is like a fairy tale, very colourful and innocent…when your kids grow up (which happens very quickly by the way), you can still cherish those wonderful years through their photographs. Childhood pictures are priceless for kids as well as the parents.

From the time your baby is born your life becomes a string of brilliant events and moments, there is an array of emotions everywhere. All you want to do is savour and capture all these memories and getting a photographer who specializes in child photography makes the endeavour less tedious. For someone like me who has 9 years of experience, capturing some amazing pictures of your tiny tots is more of a passion than a profession.

I love children and am able to build a rapport with them very quickly. Photographing children is an activity that gives me immense happiness. When I work I make use of the natural lighting, which my little clients love. No harsh settings or poses. I let them have fun and capture their emotions.

My services include

  • Outdoor photography with for kids and families
  • I take up assignments for children’s products including kids apparel companies
  • I also offer exclusive photography packages for families

Why hire a Professional photographer in Singapore

  • The obvious reason is the quality of the pictures. A professional photographer knows how to play with the lights and angles to produce remarkable pictures for you.
  • Professionals have the better camera and so there is no doubt that you will have beautiful pictures.
  • If it’s a Birthday party or a get together when you have a photographer, you need not worry about taking pictures and will be free to have fun and enjoy.
  • Kids don’t stay still, but professional photographers can find their way around children.

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