Frequently asked questions to Photographer-Angeline Tang:

Can I meet up with you to find out more about the photo shoot or prior to booking a session?

Yes, of course. We can arrange a date and time for you to have a chat with me. Find out more about what i do, my style of photography. This will also give you a chance to share with me more about your child so that i can conceptualise the most suited photography style for your child. Contact me

Do you do studio shoot?
Nope. I specialise in outdoor photo shoots because i love the natural lighting! I encourage you and your kids to embrace the beautiful mother nature too.

How far in advance should I book a session?

Please aim to book at least 3-6 weeks in advance. Slots are only confirmed when it is fully paid.

Do i have to pay the full session fee to secure my booking?

A: Yes definitely! Your session fee will secure your preferred slot and timing. I will dedicate my time for your preferred schedule. This also includes pre-shoot consultation with me.

This fee gives me the green light to go ahead to prepare the concepts and props and also recce venues for your photography shoot. I will fully commit my time to your photo shoot.

About your child:

What if my child have skin issues and don’t feel comfortable under the sun?

I will help to recce for an indoor setting where there is shade. E.g a cafe or playground

Can i leave my child with you for the photo shoots and pick them up after that?
Unfortunately no. We will only proceed with the shoot when the child’s parent or guardian is available throughout the session. The parent or guardian must be around to bring the kid/s to the washroom and take care of the kid/s throughout the whole session.

Please note:

Any child and accompanying parent/s/guardian who participate in this session does so entirely at his/her own risk and shall be deemed to have understood the risks and conditions associated with the photo shoot.

The photographer and the assistants shall not be responsible for any death, personal injury, loss or damage arising out of the participant’s participation in the session due to unforeseen circumstances unless caused by the negligence, wrongful act or omission of the photographer and the assistants.

The photographer and the assistants shall not be held responsible for any lost of personal belongings and valuables during the workshop. Participants and accompanying parents, guardians or friends are fully responsible for their own personal belongings and valuables throughout the session.

What do i need to bring for my photo shoot?

Kindly prepare water, umbrella, insect repellant and other medical necessities.

What if it rains during my photoshoot?
We will seek shelter for a while. if the rain doesn’t stop, we will need to reschedule the photoshoot at no extra charge.

Can i pay the session in installments?

Unfortunately no. We only accept full payment.

Can i get a refund if i decided not to proceed with the photoshoot?
Kindly understand that packages are not refundable.However it is transferable. You may pass the session to another person. Please note that the package has a validity date and all packages has to adhere to the validity date. No extension of validity date is allowed.

Does the fee includes printing of photos?

Nope. The printing of the photos is entirely up to you. I will provide you the photos in a DVD and you have the freedom to either keep the photos or print it into a booklet.

Can i share the photos on social media?
Yes you can. We hope you will be able to credit our work by typing this sentence as captions on your photos “Copyright © 2015 Angeline Tang Photo Story. All Rights Reserved.”

Will you (Photographer) share the photos online?

All participants are required to give their consent on the ‘Model release form’ for the sharing of photos by the photographer on print, online and any other marketing platforms.

What is a Model release form?

This form is an agreement between the participant the photographer to allow the photos to be used for marketing purposes on print, online and any other marketing platforms.

What is a pre-session consultation?

This is a chance for me to get to know your child better; the type of photography style  suitable for your kids. I can also give you tips on the type of clothing that your kids can wear for the session. I would also have a better idea on what props i would need to use to complement the photo shoot.

Once you confirm a booking, I will arrange a date for the pre-session consultation.

Where do i meet you for the pre-session consultation?
I like to meet over a nice cup of tea or coffee at a cozy cafe. Time is precious. We can always meet at the most convenient time and venue.

Is it important to have a pre-session consultation?

I would strongly recommend that you join me for a pre-session consultation. This give you a chance to understand the process of how the photography will be done and also allow you to clear any doubts you may have with the photographer.


When do I pay for the session?

Please make the full payment during the pre-shoot consultation. We accept cheque or cash. A receipt will be issued upon the confirmation of payment. For cheques, kindly allow 3 working days for me to verify if the cheque has gone through and i will issue you the receipt.

Details for the payment method will be released to the customers prior to the meetup.

When do we pay for our printed photographs?

Your package includes a DVD containing the soft copies of the images taken during the photo shoot.

If you would like to print the photos into an album, we will advise you on the most cost effective channel and rates. Please pay for the printing of the photos separately. We will discuss on this during our meeting.

Why doesn’t your package includes printing of photos? Why is the cost of printing separated?
We prefer to let customers decide if they want their photos to be printed. And if the photos are printed, do they want it as a soft cover book, hard cover book and so on. Based on their needs we will direct them to the most cost-effective channel to get the photos printed. We like to be honest with the price and not exaggerate it.

The session:

How long will the session last?

Sessions will last around 2hours with short breaks in between.

How many person can be featured in the photos?

In order for me to capture as many shots for individual person, i encourage no more than 2 person in the shoot. However this is totally up to the participant. The confirmed number should be agreed during the photo shoot. The photographer will take as many photos witin the stipulated time.

What is the maximum number of people allowed at the session?

Particularly for kids photography, I encourage no more than 2 more accompanying adults to the shoot so that the kids can be as natural as possible.

After the session:

When will I be able to view my photos?

The viewing session will take place about 2-3 weeks after your session. The session usually lasts about 1 hour or less.

How many photos will we be shown?

About 25-30 photos

Do you have to do a lot of editing on the photos?

I will only do basic editing of colors, contrast and brightness.

How can I make a photo shoot booking or reservation?

Contact Angeline here

What would be the best time for me to book my session?

Every second is precious. I would say the time is now!

What clothes should we bring for family portraits?

I will advise you upon the meetup.

What clothes should I bring for my child? Should I also bring costumes?

I will advise you upon the meetup.

What are things should I bring for my child’s photo shoot?

Your child’s favourite toys and snacks. We would like your child to feel comfortable with some of the things they find familiar.

Any other information that you would like to know but cannot be found here?
Please drop me a message here and i will advise you accordingly.

Have a blessed day ahead!

Angeline Tang Photo Story